Taking off the ‘fight me’ sign. No more drama for the next 8 hours. 

That is sleep time. Sleep and dream drama only. 

Good night.

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why is everyone coming for snowy??? not tht im confrontational but im here to start attacking, im here to start a fight

Seriously, I feel like I’m wearing a target or something, what the hell is going on

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I’m going to some misogynistic guy’s poetry and I accidentally dressed as a bamf. Whoops~

Is it the guy or the poetry that is misogynistic?

probably someone who disagreed with her at one point. that’s all it takes to be labeled a misogynist

Hey, jerk. 

Women can be more open minded than that. I’d never even met the guy before, and it was due to other’s stories of how he treated them is where I get the idea of how he is. But someone who assumes that of women is dancing the line of being one himself. 

Wake up and realize that there are real people on this website and not just SJW blogs, just because I used the ‘m’ word. 

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new fanfiction of your otp

they’re grossly mischaracterized  

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The guy. Haven’t met him, but heard enough. Apparently he was the editor for a magazine called the 89% or something to that effect.

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I’m going to some misogynistic guy’s poetry event and I accidentally dressed as a bamf. Whoops~

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Fuck yes

Dude, I already have the guts, it’s the legality.

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to all my new followers. buns


to those who have stayed. buns


to those who unfollowed. bunsimage

to those who see this and then follow. buns


doesnt matter.


everyone gets buns


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