I want to scoop all my friends up and give them a biggest smooch.

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When people ask me - How are you? - I reply - I’m fine, thanks -, but what I actually would like to say is “I’m not fine, I’m in love with a fictional character, you dumbass!” 

that’s fine too isn’t it

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<How to Get a Boyfriend>

  1. Order a cup of coffee to take-out.
  2. Give the coffee to a male you are interested in and tell him, “If the coffee tastes good, we date; if not, bug off.”
  3. The coffee at our café is good. It is guaranteed that you will end up dating.
  4. If, by chance, you get dumped, then come back. We will give you a cup of hot coffee that you can pour on his face.
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Many leaves, one tree. We’re all individuals, but we’re still connected. No one’s alone.”

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Transparent, Pretty in pink, Ortensia for your lovely blogs!

When I draw this Cutiepatootie all dressed up like this, sometimes I feel the need to give her a tad of make-up and a slightly different hairstyle. So it looks like she spend hours getting herself to look as nice as she can on her night out.

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do you ever start your period and think

"well that explains a lot"

every time. 


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I was starting to feel disheartened and just like sleeping and saying screw it to studying, but then I found this in the pile of papers.

This is a sign to keep going.

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